Getting Started

This guide is for Jira Cloud. Change to Getting Started with Jira Server.


Log into your Jira instance as an admin.

Click Jira Settings > Apps > Find new apps. The Find new apps screen loads.

Use the search box to locate Intercom for Jira and click Free trail to get started.

Setup a Connection to Intercom

Set up a connection to your Intercom workspace by following these steps:

1. Open Jira project settings

  1. From the Jira home screen select Projects in the left sidebar.

  2. Click the project for which you would like to set up an Intercom connection.

  3. Click Project settings in the left sidebar.

  4. Then find and click on Intercom integration in left sidebar

If the project is a next-gen project the Intercom integration menu is available under the Apps menu item.

2. Connect with Intercom

Once the Intercom settings page loads, click Connect with Intercom. This will redirect you to an Intercom page where you will be asked to log into Intercom (if you haven't done so already). In the next step, Intercom will ask for your consent to set up the connection.

In the next step, Intercom will ask for your consent to set up the connection.

Which Intercom workspace would you like to connect to Jira?

If you have multiple Intercom workspaces, you can change the Intercom workspace that you want to connect. Select it from the dropdown in the title where it says: Intercom for Jira wants to access <workspace>.

Click Authorize access to continue.

The consent page closes automatically and the Intercom connection status changes to Connected.

🎉 You are ready to go!


The Intercom user that you use to authenticate the connection will be shared by all Jira users of this project. Every interaction with Intercom happens on behalf of this particular Intercom user.

If you do not want to use your personal Intercom account, consider setting up a "bot" Intercom user specifically for the Intercom for Jira app.

See Intercom documentation on how to add a new teammate.