Setting up


In the following installation process, you will be asked to establish a connection to your Jira instance. Part of this connection is the Jira user (we refer to this user as the app user) on whose behalf the Intercom app will create Jira issues or retrieve data from the Jira site. We recommend creating a dedicated Jira user for this app because it will allow you to create issues from Intercom as a generic Jira user, or control app permissions independently of any of your existing Jira users. This step is completely optional. If you prefer to get started immediately, feel free to skip ahead to installing the Intercom app from the app store (the currently logged-in Jira user will become the app user). You can change the app user at any time in the future.

Creating an app user (optional)

To create a dedicated Jira user please ask your Jira administrator to create one for you or refer to Atlassian's documentation for further details. You may call this user Intercom app or anything else you like.

After that, open Jira in your browser and click on your avatar in the top right corner (1), then click Logout (2).

Log back into Jira with the newly created app user and proceed with the app installation as described in the following.

Installing the Intercom app

Go to the Intercom app store by clicking on the link below.

Use the search box (1) to find the Jira Cloud app (2).

Click on the app listing and then click Install. If you are not logged in to Intercom click on Sign in to install (1) instead.

Once you start the installation, you will be asked to give permission to our app server to "talk" to your Intercom workspace.

In which Intercom workspace would you like to install the app?

If you have multiple Intercom workspaces, you can change the Intercom workspace in which the app will be installed. Select it from the dropdown in the title where it says: Jira Cloud wants to access <workspace> (1).

Click Authorize access (2) to continue.

Now, you will be redirected to an Atlassian page where we ask for your permission to allow our app server to "talk" to your Jira Cloud site.

Select the Jira site that you want to connect to the Intercom workspace from the Authorize for dropdown (1) field and then continue by clicking Accept (2). 🎉 You will be redirected to the app store in your Intercom and you are ready to go!

As the next step, add the Intercom app to your Inbox and tell your teammates that they can do so as well.

pageAdding the app to Inbox

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