Changing the Intercom app user

Any operation in the Intercom app that involves interaction with Jira (e.g. create an issue or retrieve available Jira projects) will run as what we call the Intercom app user. The Intercom app user is the Jira user who was logged in to Jira when the Intercom app was installed and the connection to Jira was authorized. This guide will explain how you can change the Intercom app user to another Jira user.

Create a dedicated Jira user for the Intercom app

While not strictly necessary we highly recommend setting up a dedicated Jira user for the Intercom app. You may call this user Intercom app or anything else you like. Benefits of setting up a dedicated user for the Intercom app include:

  • Issues created via the Intercom app have a generic user (the app user) as the issue reporter.

  • You can fine-tune and control access to Jira resources by configuring permission of the app user (see Restricting app access for more details).

Open Jira in your browser and click on your avatar in the top right corner (1), then click Logout (2).

After that, follow the steps to uninstall the Intercom app.

No data will be lost when uninstalling and re-installing the app

Intercom may show a warning during the uninstall procedure that data associated with the app will be lost. Note that this is not the case for our app. If you had any links or comments made with the app before they will all still be available after you reinstall the app.

pageUninstalling the app

Reinstall the app by following the steps in the setup guide. Note that this time Jira will ask you to log in before you can authorize the connection to Jira. Log in with the Jira user that you would like to become the new Intercom app user.

pageSetting up

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