Restricting app access

This page describes how you can restrict Intercom app access and limit the visibility of Jira resources. Please note that we cannot give a detailed step-by-step guide because permission configuration in Jira is highly dependent on your individual setup.

Jira company-managed projects only Note that this is currently only available for company-managed (formerly classic) Jira projects. Team-managed projects (formerly next-gen) have a simplified permission scheme that currently does not allow you to control permissions at a granular level.

Any operation in the Intercom app that involves interaction with Jira (e.g. create an issue or retrieve available Jira projects) will run as the user who was logged into Jira when the Intercom app was installed. This means that calls made by the Intercom app to Jira, e.g. fetching available Jira projects, will return all the Jira projects visible to that particular user.

Setting up a dedicated Jira user for the Intercom app

We highly recommend setting up a dedicated Jira user for the Intercom app if you would like to restrict app access.

If you would like to restrict access proceed as follows:

  1. Create a Jira user, e.g. called Intercom app, specifically for the Intercom app.

  2. Restrict access and permission for the newly created Jira users to the resources that you would like to expose in the Intercom app

  3. Follow the steps on Changing the Intercom app user and make sure to log in to Jira with the user that you have just created.

Any request made by the Intercom app to Jira will now run in the context of the Intercom app user and respect its Jira user permissions.

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