Managing the Intercom app configuration

If you find issue creation from Intercom slow or cumbersome because your Intercom teammates keep selecting and typing the same values over and over again the Intercom app configuration may be what you have been looking for.

Using the Intercom for Jira companion app, your Jira administrator can set up default issue values to ease and speed up issue creation for Intercom teammates.

Requires Intercom for Jira

Note that the Intercom app configuration features require the paid Intercom for Jira app to be installed in your Jira instance.

Have a look at the installation documentation if you would like to give it a try - the first 30 days are completely free-of-charge.

If you are already using Intercom for Jira or just installed it, have a look at the documentation on how to manage the Intercom app configuration for your Jira projects.

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