Migrating to Intercom for Jira Cloud

Know before you migrate

Intercom for Jira provides roughly the same feature set for Data Center/Server and Cloud. The most notable difference is the Intercom integration. On Jira Data Center/Server, this is part of the Jira app itself, and you have to set up and configure an Intercom app yourself. On Jira Cloud, the Intercom integration is a separate app (free) that ToolsPlus is hosting for you. All you have to do is install and connect it to your Jira Cloud instance.


The migration of Intercom for Jira data from Data Center/Server to Cloud is a two-step process. First, you migrate your Jira core data (issues, projects, etc.) using the Jira Migration Assistant (JCMA). After that, backup your Jira Data Center/Server data and run the provided migration script on the backup to migrate Intercom for Jira data to your Cloud instance. The following guide will explain these steps in detail.

Migrate Jira data using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant Follow the Atlassian documentation steps on migrating your Jira core data from your Data Center/Server instance to your Cloud instance. JCMA will inform you that it cannot migrate Intercom for Jira automatically for you. This is expected because JCMA migration is not implemented in Intercom for Jira. Instead, you can use the migration script provided in the next step to migrate Intercom for Jira data to Cloud.

Verify that the issue keys remain the same

Once the JCMA migration is complete, double-check that your issue and project keys on Data Center/Server instance match the issue and project keys on your Cloud instance. This is important for the Intercom for Jira data migration to work correctly.

Migrate Intercom for Jira data using the migration script The Intercom for Jira Migration Script is available on GitHub:

The README file in the repository contains extensive documentation on preparing and running the migration script. Start with the prerequisite steps before proceeding to the usage section.

Re-running the migration script

It's safe to run the migration script multiple times. The script overwrites previously written data. There is no risk of accumulating data from multiple runs.

Once the migration script completes, follow the post-migration steps below.


Almost all of your Intercom for Jira data should now be migrated to your Jira Cloud instance. There are, however, a few last steps to complete the migration.

Connect your Jira projects to Intercom The Intercom credentials for Intercom for Jira Cloud are different from the Jira DC/Server version, hence, the migration script could not migrate that data.

To get Intercom for Jira on Cloud working, connect migrated Jira projects to Intercom.

Re-create workflow post functions for Intercom notifications If you have been using workflow post functions to notify linked Intercom conversations on specific issue transitions, please recreate those post functions on your Jira Cloud workflows.

Install Jira Cloud for Intercom On Jira DC/Server you have been managing your own Intercom app which ran off your Jira instance. On Jira Cloud ToolsPlus is hosting this app for you for free. If you would like to continue using the Intercom app feel free to install it from the Intercom app store.

For additional details on how Intercom for Jira (the Intercom inegration for Jira) and Jira Cloud (the Jira integration for Intercom) work together, have a look at the overview section in the setup documentation.

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