Adding the app to Inbox

If your Jira administrator has installed and configured the Intercom Inbox app in your Intercom workspace you can add the Jira app to your Inbox.

Teammate specific configuration

Note that adding the Jira app to your Intercom Inbox will not add it to your teammate's Inbox. Each Intercom teammate will have to add the app themselves.

From your Intercom Inbox click Customize (1) in the top right corner to configure the side panel of your Inbox.

The right-side panel will change into the configuration mode. Click Add more (1) and select the Jira Server (2) app from the app list. The app name may differ in your installation, depending on what name your administrator has chosen during setup.

Once the app shows up in your Inbox panel you can optionally reorder apps before clicking Done (3) to complete the configuration.

The Jira Server app (1) is now ready to be used.

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