Inspecting linked Intercom conversations

With Intercom conversations linked to your Jira issue, you have several options to find out more about the Intercom conversation and its associated customer or company. This section explains those features.

When you first open the issue view, there is a context panel in the right-side column called Intercom: Linked conversations (1). All linked Intercom conversations are dynamically loaded when you click on this context panel.

Once the context panel has loaded, you can link new conversations using the link icon button (1) or browse all linked conversations (2) if the feature is enabled. If you have more than one linked conversation, you can use the conversation filter (3) to find linked conversations by their id.

The app also displays an expandable card for each linked conversation indicating the name of the customer if available (1), conversation actions (2), and a button to open the card and view additional conversation and contact details (3).

The extended conversation view shows additional contact details (4).

Configuring visible customer and company details

A Jira administrator can configure the visible customer and company details in the Jira project settings.

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