Configuring notifications on issue updates

This page explains how to configure issue update notifications to associated Intercom conversations. Notifications also have configurable side effects such as reopening the notification target conversation if it is closed or filtering Jira issue comments before they are sent to Intercom.

If you have not disabled issue update notifications, you can further fine-tune which notifications the app should send to your linked Intercom conversations.

Click the Conversation Linking (3) tab. In the section Send notification to Intercom conversations when... (4) you can configure notifications.

For all available notifications, you can optionally have linked Intercom conversations reopened if they are closed at the time the notification event occurs.

Configuring comment filters

In case of issue comment notifications, you can optionally have comments filtered such that only the ones that include the hashtag #intercom (case-insensitive) are being sent to Intercom. Have a look at Understanding comment filters for further details.

Configuring notifications on issue transitions

The default issue transitioned notification will send issue updates on every issue transition. If you also select the option to reopen closed conversations the behavior is often undesired because you want issues to be only reopened if it is transitioned to a "done" state.

Have a look at Configuring notifications for specific issue transitions for details on how to achieve this behavior.

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