Creating new Jira issues

Creating a new Jira issue from Intercom is a three-step process: Select the Jira project, select the issue type and finally enter the issue details. This page explains this these steps in detail.

Start by clicking Create a new issue (1) to kick off the process.

In the first step you have to choose the Jira project for your new issue. You can either search for a project by text or project key (1), or directly select a project from the list (2).

Next select the issue type (1) for the new issue or click Change project (2) if you want to create the issue on a different project.

In the final step fill in the issue fields (1) and click Create (2) to trigger issue creation.

Supported issue fields

We currently support a subset of issue fields in the create issue form. We are planning to support more fields over time, however, if your workflow requires a specific field please let us know.

Once the issue has been created, the app will show a message to confirm successful completion of the process. Click Done to return to the app home screen.

The new issue now shows up under linked issues (1) for the selected conversation. The app also has added an internal note (2) to the conversation to record the create event.

Paid features

Note that the linked issues (1) only shows up in the sidebar if you have the Jira companion app installed.

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