Configuring notifications for specific issue transitions

The default issue transitioned notification sends issue updates on every issue transition. If you also choose the option to reopen closed conversations the behavior is often undesired because you want issues only to be reopened if it is transitioned to a "done" state.

You can achieve this behavior by installing a workflow post function in your Jira project workflow. This page walks you through the steps to configure such a post function.

Feature currently not available for team-managed projects

Note, that team-managed projects currently do not support workflow configuration, and as a result, also do not offer workflow post functions.

Adding a Workflow Post Function

From the Jira home screen click Projects (1) in the main navigation menu and select the project that you would like to configure (2). After the project page loaded select Project settings (3) in the left-hand menu.

Click on Workflows (1) in the left-hand menu and then click the Edit icon (2) in the Actions menu. This opens the workflow editor and creates a new draft for your workflow edits.

Make sure you are in Diagram mode by clicking on the Diagram button (1). After that, click on the transition arrow (2) for which you would like to notify linked Intercom conversations.

A transition pop-up opens. Select Post Functions (3) from its menu which opens the transition editor.

In the transition editor select Add post function (1). This opens the Add Post Function To Transition page. Select Notify Intercom conversations and click Add.

Before the post function is added you are presented the post function configuration screen. On this screen, you can choose to have linked conversations reopened (1) when the post function runs.

Finish the post function configuration screen by clicking Add (2).

The post function is now installed to your selected workflow transition (1). Before you finish, remember to publish the draft workflow by clicking Publish Draft (2) at the top of the page.


If your Workflow Post Function is not working please ensure that

  1. The Jira project is connected to Intercom

  2. Conversation linking is enabled in the configuration

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