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Intercom for Jira is an Atlassian Marketplace app built by ToolsPlus based on the Atlassian Connect app framework. Today, most Atlassian Marketplace apps are built on top of the Atlassian Connect framework, which demands Marketplace apps to be hosted on the Marketplace Partner's own infrastructure.

In 2019, Atlassian announced a new app framework called Atlassian Forge, with the major difference that Forge-based apps can now run on Atlassian infrastructure instead of the Marketplace Partner's. Since the launch of the Forge platform, Atlassian has matured platform features to enable existing Connect-based apps to migrate to Forge.

ToolsPlus believes in the benefits the Forge platform and Atlassian-hosted apps provide to customers and has made significant investments over the past few years to prepare Intercom for Jira for the Atlassian Forge platform.



  • The app experience remains exactly the same; for app users, there is no visible change.

  • Starting in April 2024, ToolsPlus will publish several major app version updates, including different migration stages and app permission on the Forge platform. Jira administrators must approve major app updates but can do so at their own convenience.

At the end of March/early April 2024, ToolsPlus will start rolling out the first migration stage to move Intercom for Jira to the Atlassian Forge platform. This is the first of several updates over the coming months. These updates are transparent to users; they should not notice any difference from before.

As we roll out migration stages in the coming months, several major app versions may require Jira administrator approval. This is because the app features on the Atlassian Forge platform require different permission scopes than what the app has today on the Connect platform. We do our best to maintain the same or similar permission footprint.

Jira administrators must approve major app updates but can do so at their own convenience.


The migration starts in April 2024 and will continue throughout the year. During this time, Intercom for Jira will partially run on Atlassian-hosted infrastructure and partially on ToolsPlus-hosted infrastructure. We aim to completely migrate Intercom for Jira to the Forge platform, but the exact timeline depends on how fast we can progress through the migration stages.


If you have any questions or concerns about this migration, please contact us through your preferred channel:

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