Managing Intercom app features

Intercom app features can be configured from the Jira administrator user interface. Note that this configuration is not Jira project-specific (i.e. global) and applies to all Jira projects.

Changing the issue reporter

All issues created from Intercom via the Intercom app use a specific Jira user as the issue reporter. We call this Jira user App Actor because it acts on behalf of all Intercom users. If you would like to change on who's behalf issues are created, follow these steps:

Click the Intercom Integration (3) tab and select an App Actor (4) that should act on behalf of Intercom users. Note that this is a global configuration and not specific to the select Jira project.

Dedicated app actor

If you don't like the app actor to be a specific Jira user you can consider adding a dedicated Jira user for this particular purpose. You could call it Intercom app or anything else that helps your Jira users recognize it as such.

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