Travis CI integration for Jira

See Travis CI's build notifications in real-time in your Jira issues

🔌 Connect Travis CI with your work in Jira Software and spend less time jumping between your Jira issues and Travis CI. Simply add the provided configuration snippet to your .travis.yaml and start using Smart Commit syntax to link your commits/branches to Jira issues.

🤝 Works hand in hand with the GitHub for Jira app.

😎 Release with confidence. With the addition of Travis CI build information in Jira, any user can get visibility into your delivery pipeline. The Jira issue screen provides build status information at a glance. In addition, the Release Hub in Jira shows the build status of Jira issues in a release. This helps delivery teams identify potential issues and gives the team the confidence to release earlier and more often.

Head over to the getting started guide to get going.

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