Commenting linked Intercom conversations

As a Jira user, you can comment on linked Intercom conversations without having to leave Jira or require access to Intercom. Your comment is added to all linked conversations as an Intercom note and visible to Intercom teammates.

This feature can be disabled or configured

This feature is enabled by default but may have been disabled by a Jira administrator. Before you start please check with your Jira administrator if this feature is enabled and if comment filters are active.

Commenting linked conversations

Start by clicking the Comment button (1) to add a regular Jira comment. Enter the message that you would like to send to linked conversations. If comment filters are enabled make sure that you include #intercom (2) anywhere in your comment.

Understanding comment filters

When comment filters are enabled, only Jira issue comments that include the hashtag #intercom (case-insensitive) are being sent to linked Intercom conversations. The hashtag can be added anywhere in your comment.

Comment filters avoid polluting your Intercom conversations with every new Jira issue comment and allow you to decide which comments you want the app to send to Intercom.

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