App workflow

The app workflow is the core concept of the Intercom and Jira integration. It describes the two-way process implemented in the apps that emerged from research and continued customer feedback.

The workflow starts in Intercom. When a customer writes into your Intercom, they may report a bug or would like to request a feature that requires your support team to keep track of. Support agents then create a Jira issue or link to an existing one (1) using the Jira Cloud integration for Intercom. The Intercom integration for Jira will help to link the conversation and issue together. After that, the support agent informs the customer that the issue is being tracked and closes the Intercom conversation.

From here, the Jira teams get to work. They will fix the reported bug or implement the requested feature just as they are used to. While they work, Intercom for Jira will send issue update notifications to linked Intercom conversations and automatically reopen them once the issue reaches a "done" state (2).

By reopening conversations in Intercom, they will pop up on top of the Intercom Inbox, and the support agents know that they can get back to the customer and inform them of the progress.

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