Workflow Post Function

Notify Intercom Conversations on specific Jira Issue transitions.

If your process requires notification and re-opening of linked Intercom conversations on specific Jira issue transitions, then the workflow post function Notify Intercom Conversations is for you.

This page walks you through all the steps to configure such a post function.


  • Active Intercom subscription or trial

  • Jira Project is connected to Intercom

  • Conversation linking is enabled

Add Workflow Post Function

1. Open workflow configuration

Open your Jira project's settings and click on Workflows in the left menu bar.

Then click on the pen icon in the column Actions of the workflow that you want to configure.

This will create a new draft for your workflow. If you already have a draft you can resume editing that.


You may be in Diagram view at first. Proceed to change to Text view if so by clicking on the Text button.

2. Add and configure a workflow post function

Choose a Step Name, and click on its Transition.

On the next screen, click on the Post Functions tab and then Add Post Function.

Choose Notify Intercom conversations, then click Add.

Choose if you like to re-open closed conversations on this transition. Then click Add again.

Before you finish, remember to publish the draft workflow by clicking on Publish Draft at the top of the page.

Edit Workflow Post Function

Open the post function in edit mode as described above in Add Workflow Post Function (steps 1)

Find Notify Intercom conversations post function in the list of configured post functions, hover over it, and click on the Pen icon.

Update the configuration and click Update.

Remember to publish the workflow draft by clicking on Publish Draft.


If your Workflow Post Function is not working please ensure that

  1. You have a active Intercom subscription or trial

  2. The Jira project is connected to Intercom

  3. ‚ÄčConversation linking is enabled in the configuration