Conversation Linking


Intercom conversation linking allows your team to associate Intercom conversations with Jira issues. Linked conversations get updates from associated Jira issues posted as a Note.

This allows your team to know exactly when it's time to reply all your customers impacted by a certain issue. Simply link all conversations to the respective issue. Additionally, linked conversations can automatically be re-opened on updates. Initially, you link and close conversations. Once there is progress on the Jira ticket, linked conversations are automatically re-opened and show up at the top of your inbox again.

If your Intercom team does not have access to Jira consider using Conversation Actions to give them a way to link, create or comment Jira issues directly from Intercom.

[info] Prerequisites

  • Active Intercom subscription or trial

This feature is only available if the Intercom App you are connected to has a trial or active subscription.

Linked Conversation

Notifications can be posted for the following Jira issue events:

  • issue created
  • issue assignee changed
  • issue status changed
  • issue commented

Which notifications should be posted and when conversations are re-opened is fully configurable. See here on how to tweak it.

A link between a Jira issue and an Intercom conversation can be established as follows:

  1. Open the Intercom conversation you would like to link.
  2. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar. Copy Conversatio URL
  3. Open the Jira issue you would like to link or create a new one.
  4. Click on the more actions (•••) menu in the top right corner of the issue view and select Link Intercom conversation.
  5. Paste the URL into the input field and click Submit. Link Conversation
  6. Your conversation is now linked and you can find a Note with the issue reference posted to the Intercom conversation.

To unlink a conversation from a Jira issue simply click on the more actions icon () and select Unlink.

If the unlink action is grayed out the conversation is linked via URL in issue description or issue comment. In that case you can unlink the conversation by removing the conversation URL from the Jira issue description or delete the respective comment. Note that linking via conversation URL in issue description or comment is deprecated and should not be used anymore.

Establish a link

  1. Check with your Jira admin that conversation linking for your Service Desk project is enabled.
  2. Open the Service Desk request for which to establish a conversation link.
  3. Click Link Intercom conversation
  4. From here follow the steps for regular Jira issues.

Remove a link

To unlink follow the steps for regular Jira issues.

Filter Jira comment notifications

If you have Jira comment notifications enabled Intercom for Jira will send all your Jira comments to linked Intercom conversations. However, if you would like to send notifications only for specific Jira comments you can do that too by using a #intercom in your comment:

  1. Make sure your Jira admin has comment filtering enabled.
  2. Add a Jira comment including #intercom.
  3. Intercom for Jira will only forward Jira comments including #intercom to linked conversations.

Note that it does not matter where in your Jira comment you put the hash tag. Additionally, hash tag processing happens case insensitive meaning any of these hash tags will activate the filter: #intercom, #Intercom #iNtErCoM.

Feature limitation

[info] Conversation linking is only available if the Intercom App you are connected to has a trial or active subscription.

This condition is imposed by the Intercom API and cannot be changed.

If you are solely using Intercom Platform (free), we recommended that you disable conversation linking all together. Follow the instructions on how to configure Conversation Linking.

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