Conversation Linking

Get live Jira issue status updates posted to linked Intercom conversations.


Conversation Linking allows you to associate Intercom conversations with Jira issues. This helps you to keep track of conversations related to a specific Jira issue (and vice versa). Links will also allow you to get issue status updates, comments and assignments posted to Intercom conversations so your Intercom team can track the history and progress of any linked Jira issue. Finally, you can let this Jira app automatically reopen closed Intercom conversations as soon as issues are transitioned to a certain issue status (e.g. Done).

If your Intercom team does not have access to Jira consider installing the Jira Cloud Intercom app to give them a way to create, comment or link Jira issues directly from Intercom.

Notifications can be posted for the following Jira issue events:

  • issue created

  • issue assignee changed

  • issue status changed

  • issue commented

Which notifications should be posted and when conversations are reopened is configurable. Have a look at the configuration documentation on how to tweak it.

Link Intercom conversation to Jira issue

Link conversations to Jira issues without leaving Intercom using the complimentary Intercom app.

Open the Intercom conversation that you would like to link and copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

Now, open the Jira issue you that you would like to link or create a new one.

With the issue open, click on the more actions (•••) menu in the top right corner of the issue view and select Link Intercom conversation and paste the conversation URL into the input field, then click Submit.

Your conversation is now linked and you can find a Note with the issue reference posted to the Intercom conversation.

Unlink Intercom conversation from Jira issue

To unlink a conversation from a Jira issue simply click on the more actions icon () and select Unlink conversation.

Link/Unlink Intercom conversation in Jira Service Desk request view

  1. Open the Service Desk request for which to establish a conversation link.

  2. Click Link Intercom conversation

  3. From here follow the steps for regular Jira issues.

To unlink follow the steps for regular Jira issues.

Filter Jira comment notifications

If you have Jira comment notifications enabled Intercom for Jira will send all your Jira comments to linked Intercom conversations. However, if you would like to send notifications only for specific Jira comments you can do that too by using a #intercom in your comment:

  1. Add a Jira comment including #intercom.

  2. Intercom for Jira will only forward Jira comments including #intercom to linked conversations.

Note that it does not matter where in your Jira comment you put the hash tag. Additionally, hash tag processing happens case insensitive meaning any of these hash tags will activate the filter: #intercom, #Intercom #iNtErCoM.