Conversation Linking

Configure when and how Intercom for Jira notifies linked Intercom conversations.

Intercom conversation linking allows you to get notifications on Intercom conversations whenever associated Jira issues change. This page will walk you through the configuration options and show you how to tweak the feature to your needs.

Open Conversation Linking Configuration

The conversation linking configuration is available on the Intercom connection page. To open it

  1. Click the admin dropdown and choose Projects.

  2. Click the project you would like to configure.

  3. In the left sidebar, click on Intercom integration.

  4. On the page switch to the Conversation Linking tab.

The following screenshot shows the Conversation Linking configuration. See below on how the individual settings work.

Enable/Disable Conversation Linking

By enabling/disabling the toggle button Enable Conversation Linking you can enable/disable the whole conversation linking feature.

This is useful if you don't want the add-on to post to your conversations even if you happen to past conversation links to issue descriptions or comments. Or, if you do not have a active Intercom trial or subscription (Conversation Linking with Intercom trail or subscription).

Configure when to notify linked Intercom conversations

Check the Jira issue events for which you would like Intercom for Jira to post notifications. You can choose one or more of the following events:

  • issue created

  • issue assignee changed

  • issue status changed

  • issue commented

For each of these events you can decide whether you would like to re-open closed Intercom conversations or not.

Notify on specific issue transition using Workflow Post Function

If you would like to send notifications on issue transition and have fine-grained control over when notifications are sent and when conversations are re-opened, consider using a Workflow Post Function to notify Intercom conversations.

See the Workflow Post Function page for detailed description and how to configure it.

Configure Jira comment notification filter

If you want your Jira users to explicitly mention when they want a Jira comment forwarded to Intercom then you should enable the Filter comments option.

Once enabled only notifications for Jira comments including #intercom (case insensitive) will be sent to linked conversations. If a comment does not include this hash tag, the notification won't be sent.

Enable/Disable Jira Service Desk support

If your Jira project is a Jira Service Desk project you can enable conversation linking for the Service Desk request view. If enabled, any user with access to the Service Desk portal can link and unlink Intercom conversations to the Service Desk request view.

Use with care

We strongly recommend to only enable this feature for internal Service Desk projects. If you enable this feature for a public Service Desk, any portal user can link and see linked Intercom conversations in the request view.