Managing app features

Intercom for Jira allows you to disable core app features if you do not want your users to have them available. This page explains how to disable core features and the effect that this has.

Disabling notifications

From the Jira home screen click Projects (1) in the main navigation menu and select the project that you would like to configure (2). After the project page loaded select Project settings (3) in the left-hand menu.

Scroll down in the left-hand menu to find and click on Intercom integration (1). This loads the Intercom integration settings page.

Apps menu in team-managed projects

If your project is a team-managed project the Intercom integration menu is available under the Apps menu item.

Click the Conversation Linking tab (2) and disable the toggle button called Enable Conversation Linking (3).

Disabling Conversation Linking will stop the Jira app from sending any notifications to associated Intercom conversations.

Disabling the conversation panel

Open the Intercom integration settings for any connected Jira project as described under Disabling notifications.

After that, click the Conversation Panel tab (1) and disable the toggle button called Enable Conversation Panel (2).

Disabling the Conversation panel will hide linked Intercom conversation from the Jira issue view and will not allow Jira users to link conversations anymore.

Enable Jira Service Management support

If your Jira project is a Jira Service Management project, you can allow any user with access to the Service Management portal to link or unlink Intercom conversations in the Service Management request view. This feature is disabled by default.

Use with care

We recommend to only enable this feature for internal Service Management projects. If you enable this feature for a public Service Management, any portal user can link and see linked Intercom conversations in the request view.

To enable Jira Service Management support, open the Jira project's settings and clicking on Intercom integration (1) in the left-hand menu. Select on the Conversation Linking tab (2) and enable the toggle for the option called Allow Conversation Linking in Jira Service Management Request View (3). Note that this option is only available in Jira Service Management projects.